All the films I saw this summer reviewed in a single post

As the summer went along I was grumbling about the films that were around but in hindsight it looks pretty good. I didn’t see any really bad films and the disappointments were pretty mild. That said I do wish Hollywood would focus more on original films than endless franchises.

Iron Man 3 (7/10)

I am not a fan of the franchise and only went to see this because a lot of people recommended it. I’m glad I did because it was a lot more exciting than its predecessors and also had a nice pinch of quirkiness. Disappointingly, it still contains Gwyneth Paltrow’s lame portrayal of Pepper Potts but this is off set by Ben Kingsley playing the Mandarin.

Star Trek Into Darkness (8/10)

All the fun of the first film with added War on Terror metaphors and a far superior villain.

Man of Steel (7/10)

Ok it’s clearly not as good as the Dark Knight trilogy – what is!? – or indeed its own trailer. Nonetheless, it didn’t deserve the derision it got. For a proper defence let me point you towards these two posts: ‘Man of Steel’ Is a Better Science Fiction Film than Superhero Movie and No, Man of Steel’s Superman is Not Your Superman. And That’s Okay.

Despicable Me 2 (8/10)

If you read this blog it won’t come as a surprise to you to know that I adored this.

Pacific Rim (4/10)

Loudest film ever. Otherwise wholly unremarkable.

Alan Patridge: Alpha Papa (5/10)

I don’t understand why but I found this funnier in theory than practice. It may have been that I watched it in almost empty cinema. At its most amusing when satirising local radio.

The Way Way Back (9/10)

Heartwarming and biting simultaneously. Pretty funny too. Everyone I’ve spoken to this agrees the performances are great but can’t agree which is the standout one – apart from Allison Janney who is brilliantly repulsive as a hedonistic divorcee who clearly shouldn’t be raising bread dough let alone children.

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