The Voice of Minions


As Despicable Me 2 has become the year’s highest grossing film at the UK box office, I thought I’d share a fact about the funniest animated yellow characters since the Simpsons.

FACT: the majority of the minions are voiced by the film’s co-director Pierre Louis Padang Coffin. Fellow director Chris Renaud also voices another minion. This despite neither man having previous voice acting experience.

The Hollywood Reporter recounts:

Coffin recalled that when initial vocalizations for Gru’s henchmen weren’t working, he stepped in to make a test. “I told [Illumination founder-CEO and producer] Chris Meledandri, ‘Let me make a test. It won’t be an official one; it’s just to show whoever is going to design the voice a way to go.’ … When I asked Chris to listen to it, he said, ‘Well, you’re going to be the voice of the minions.’

So compare…..

….and contrast

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