Clickable Me – My “Voice of the Minions” post passes 10,000 views!!!


I hope you will forgive this piece of self congratulation. However, much to surprise a post of mine seems to have become rather popular.

I wrote this piece about the Minions being voiced by Despicable Me’s co-directors partly to lighten the tone of this blog. I certainly did not expect it to become the most viewed post on here; let alone that it would be significantly more popular than the rest of my posts combined. Nor did I imagine anything I wrote would be garnering thousands of views. However, I’d underestimated the Minions.

For some mysterious reason Google took a shine to the post and people love searching for Minions. So pretty soon the post was attracting hundreds of views a day.

I feel there is only one proper way to celebrate this mile stone: the Banana Song

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