Killer Whales are bad-ass enough to hunt Great White Sharks

Jaws earned sharks a place in the popular imagination as the ultimate predators of the sea. By contrast, Orcas most famous depiction on screen – at least until Blackfish came along – was as the loveable creature that needs liberating in Free Willy. This is ironic because Orcas can eat even the deadliest sharks for breakfast – literally!

The video below shows a pack of the Whales hunting down and killing a Tiger Shark.

Even the most formidable shark of them all. the Great White, isn’t safe from Orcas. There is a recorded incident of a Great White being held upside down in an Orcas mouth to prevent it using its gills properly until it suffocated, at which point the Orca ate its liver. They also been recorded hunting the largest species of fish in existence: the Whale Shark.

That they and not Great Whites are the sea’s top predator should not surprise us. So starters they are much bigger, with a top weight of 6 tonnes as against the Great White‘s 3.5. They are also more intelligent and most alarmingly for their prey they hunt in packs.

So let us be thankful that – assuming we’re not stupid enough to stick them in tiny tanks and try to get them to perform tricks – Killers Whales don’t seem to go after humans.

Humans are far more deadly than sharks

The tragic death of a British man in Australia after being bitten by a shark means we will doubtless hear much in the next few days about the danger posed by these predators. Incidents like these do indeed demonstrate their deadly potential.

However, we should bear in mind that the number of humans they do actually kill are tiny. Especially when compared with the number of sharks that humans kill.

This matters because often the response to sharks attacking humans is to try and cull them: an action designed to soothe the nerves of anxious swimmers and surfers rather than keeping them safe.


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