Which Minion are you?

Me - apparently!

Me – apparently!

Dear reader,

I have been remiss of late. I know that you expect I high level of Minioness from this blog and frankly of late I’ve not been delivering. It’s been almost two months since we last had a Minion post.  Frankly that’s not good enough.

So by way of recompense here’s a a Facebook quiz that allows you to find out which minion you are:

I came out as Kevin:

Kevin is known best for being a right-hand man. He is often at the forefront of new ideas or exploration, including Gru’s announcement to steal the moon. One of Kevin’s strongest qualities is his ability to bounce back from almost any situation, including getting shrunk down to a miniature minion by the shrink ray. Kevin maintains an extremely positive, can-do attitude no matter what happens during his day, with energy to spare to play around the water cooler anytime.

Clickable Me – My “Voice of the Minions” post passes 10,000 views!!!


I hope you will forgive this piece of self congratulation. However, much to surprise a post of mine seems to have become rather popular.

I wrote this piece about the Minions being voiced by Despicable Me’s co-directors partly to lighten the tone of this blog. I certainly did not expect it to become the most viewed post on here; let alone that it would be significantly more popular than the rest of my posts combined. Nor did I imagine anything I wrote would be garnering thousands of views. However, I’d underestimated the Minions.

For some mysterious reason Google took a shine to the post and people love searching for Minions. So pretty soon the post was attracting hundreds of views a day.

I feel there is only one proper way to celebrate this mile stone: the Banana Song

By popular demand….minion videos

Dear readers,

I can take a hint as well as the next person. I can see from the Stats bit of wordpress that you are reasonably interested in my posts on sharks, teenagers, Syria, health policy and cities. However, I can see what you really want are posts about Despicable Me’s Minions. I understand and am happy to oblige.

These are some of my favourite minion videos.

Here are the minions singing the YMCA:

At the gym:

And coming face to face with an evil minion: