Cable from Korea #2: first day on the job

Hi a quick personal update.

My period sightseeing round Korea is over. That will definitely lead to a couple more posts. I’m bound to have something to say about the DMZ and will probably want to talk about Seoul too.

Today I began working as a Guest English Teacher. I’m going to be based in two middle schools in Yangsan. This town is in South Gyeongsang province but seems to largely function as a suburb of Busan. For example, it’s on the metro system of the latter. A bit like a Korean Watford but because I’m new to Korea that still seems exciting and exotic.

I didn’t do any actual teaching today. More induction stuff like briefings, introductions and a medical. Nonetheless, I’m pleased. My colleagues seem nice and the school is a lot less beat up than a typical British one as a sign the behaviour I’m going to have to deal with won’t be too terrible.

My new apartment seems alright too which is a relief.

So one day in I’m content.


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