Looking forward to Daredevil season 2

I loved the first season of Daredevil – the Marvel/Netflix team up about Matt Murdoch, the blind lawyer who becomes a costumed hero defending his New York neighbourhood. When I reviewed it, I said:

A show that’s nastier, more demanding and frankly rather brutal winds up being just about the most satisfying thing Marvel has done…

So I’m excited about the upcoming second series. For a couple of months, Netflix have been taunting fans with teasers that only gave us crumbs of new material. But today we went from glimpses to a decent look at the season 2.

There’s a new trailer out and I was impressed. Obviously it’s possible to make a good trailer from a bad show. But, what this one shows is encouraging.

It seems like Daredevil is going to build on the strengths of the first season without simply replicating it. It’s staying intense: the trailer starts with hints of a murdered family and continues in that vein. That’s reflected in a gothic tone: there are skulls, crucixes and dingy lighting galore. And we get another villain whose conviction they are actually the hero is given believable depth. But the divide between Daredevil and the Punisher is very different from that between him and Fisk. It’s essentially a battle of vigilantes. And it looks like that will be used ask whether Murdoch’s resolute adherance to his personal moral code excuses his operating outside the law of the land.

My only real fear at this point is that taking on a villain whose a lone wolf rather than the head of a nefarious organisation may not stretch out to 13 episodes. That was what tanked the other Netflix/Marvel collaboaration: Jessica Jones. But there may well be a way round that especially if Elektra’s prescense provides a meaty subplot. So on balance, count me down as an optimist.


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