Alcohol is pretty bad for you…

Dr Siinfekl

I am currently under doctor’s orders not to drink, so I’m in the mood to ruin everybody else’s enjoyment with a review of the dangers of alcohol to health and society. As soon as I started researching this blog, I realised that this would end up being a huge piece, so I have decided to pick out some interesting facts about alcohol that you might not already know.

virgin martini “I’ll have a virgin martini. Shaken, stirred… Oh what’s the point?”

The original idea for this blog came about after Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the British Labour Party. In an attempt to smear him, the media described him as a “tee-total vegetarian”. Vegetarianism is the most common non-religious dietary requirement, though comprises only around 5% of the British population. The health benefits of vegetarianism are complicated but usually correlate with slight increases in life expectancy and slightly increased…

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