50 Shades and Lawrence of Arabia have the same editor

It’s unlikely that David Lean’s masterpiece Lawrence of Arabia (Rotten tomato score: 99%) and Fifty Shades of Grey (Rotten tomato score: 27%) will regularly be discussed together. One can, however, find the odd connection.

Firstly, there is a modest thematic one.

Secondly, both films were edited by a lady named Anne V. Coates. Among her other credits are: Erin Brokervich, the Eagle has Landed, the Elephant Man, the Golden Compass, Chaplin, Out of Sight and Murder on the Orient Express.

She won an Oscar for her work on Lawrence of Arabia and was nominated four times more. When the Motion Picture Editors Guild celebrated its 75th anniversary by polling its members on the best edited films, Lawrence came in at #7. They also put Out of Sight in their top 100 making Coates one of the few editors to have multiple films in the list.

You can read an interview with her here: http://filmsound.org/murch/coates.htm

HT: Kermode and Mayo


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