Just how messed up is the continuity of the Terminator films going to be by the end of Genisys?

So this is funny. Someone’s remixed the the trailer for Terminator: Genisys (sic) to draw attention to how strained the continuity of the franchise is likely to become. And it’s only trying to account for the films. If it tried to factor in the Sarah Connor Chronicles it would be even more convoluted!

To be fair, continuity was never one of the franchises strong points. In the first film, Kyle Reese says that it will be impossible to send anyone else back besides himself and the T-800. By, the second film this has indeed become possible. The films successfully elided such problems by not dwelling unduly on the mechanics underlying the plot. One of the ominous signs for Genisys is that it seems to be majoring on precisely this stuff.


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