My thoughts on Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch Will Be Marvel's Doctor Strange

Image stolen from IO9

So it appears that Marvel have (finally) found their Dr Strange: Benedict Cumberbatch. Here are my thoughts:

1. Marvel and Cumberbatch seem like a good fit

He’s a good enough actor to do most things but he does some to like somewhat fantastical and over the top roles. And while I haven’t read any of the comics, that seems to describe Dr Strange pretty much perfectly.

2. This reduces the chances of Marvel screwing up

This is going to be a weird movie – the clues in the title – and rather removed from what Marvel has done before.

3. Expect Dr Strange taking on Loki to become the internet’s most ardent wish

Yes people are going to want to see Cumberbatch and Hiddleston on screen together. It’s already happening in the comment sections of the websites reporting Cumberbatch’s casting.

4. Cumberbatch is risking being typecast

This is the flip side of point 1. He’s doing quite a lot of stuff – 12 Years a Slave, the Imitation Game and Richard III – but the roles he’s going to best known for Sherlock, Khan and now Strange are a particular kind of arrogant but brilliant cerebral heroes/anti-heroes.

5. Hopefully this won’t mean we have to wait longer for the next series of Sherlock

Not that I’m obsessed with this particular topic or anything.

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