Red Bull is useless

Or not!

It appears Red Bull will have to pay up to $13 million in compensation to customers following a lawsuit claiming that its claims to be energising are BS. As the Atlantic explains:

Red Bull differs from traditional soda only in that it contains taurine (an amino acid) and B-vitamins. Unless you are deficient in taurine or B-vitamins, the energy promised in the marketing of the energy drink comes from the sugar and caffeine, just like soda. And the caffeine content, at 80 mg per can, is modest relative to other similar products. Another soda marketed as an energy drink, Rockstar, contains twice as much caffeine as Red Bull. Those ubiquitous little 5-Hour Energy shots outdo both at 208 mg. But all pale compared to coffee in the quantities it’s now sold. A Starbucks venti has 415 mg of caffeine.

Essentially, it is not an energy drink at all but a regular fizzy drink.

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