Gone Girl (review)

David Fincher’s latest film is technically impressive but unsatisfying

The What:

  • The latest film from Seven and Social Network director David Fincher.
  • Adapted from bestselling novel by Gillian Flynn
  • Stars Rosamund Pike as a women whose disappearance casts suspicion on her husband played by Ben Affleck.
  • From there on the story winds around and around, and we the audience like the characters are twisted and manipulated over and over.

The Pros:

  • The cast is consistently excellent. There are two performances I’d particularly single out. Tyler Perry is great as Affleck’s lawyer who’s enjoying himself way too much. And there’s a brilliant depiction of a psychopath but telling you who delivers it would be a spoiler.
  •  Fincher’s direction is as stylish as ever.
  • The narrative is very well crafted and even though the major twist had been spoillered for me, I was still shocked by the ending.

The Cons:

  • It’s cold. Fincher’s filmaking has always been clinical and that’s one of his strengths. But here it seemed to go too far and I wound up feeling disengaged.
  • The sexual politics are iffy.
  • It’s nasty. That’s not a problem – the story merits it – but you would not necessarily guess from the publicity the extent to which it earns its 18 certificate. So if you’re thinking of seeing it and are a little squeamish then you have been warned.


None of Fincher’s films will ever be without substantial merit. However, of those I’ve seen the ones where he’s adapting popular novels – Gone Girl and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – have been the least interesting. I sort of regret seeing the film because the book sounds more interesting.


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