5 videos that show what a great Doctor Peter Capaldi will be

So as you might possibly know that Peter Capaldi is shortly taking the helm of the TARDIS. Now this isn’t exactly a novel view but I’m expecting he will be awesome.

We have a couple of very short clips of him in character:

Now of course these are a handful of handpicked scenes lasting a few seconds but I liked what I saw. I rather enjoyed the little piece of the Doctor and Clara sparring in which some aggressive (and entertaining) rudeness of Malcolm Tucker seems to come through.

Speaking of which the idea that injecting some of Tucker into Dr Who was an idea that arose as soon as Capaldi’s casting was announced [NSFW duh!]:

Picking out a clip that best showcases Capaldi’s work playing Tucker is tough. But eventually I opted from this scene from In the Loop where he goes toe to toe with Tony Soprano himself the late James Gandolfini [also NSFW]:

To see his range as an actor consider his role as TV News Exec Randall Brown in The Hour. Tucker is essentially a farcical figure, while Brown is a tragic one. Both characters project an air of menace but Brown’s expresses itself not in explosive rage but in an icy control that frequently tips over into OCD. [Spoiler warning] So it’s ironic that his most riveting (and heartbreaking) moment comes when the news of the death of his estranged daughter leads him to unravel spectacularly:

P.S: if the BBC ever does ‘man up’ and go for a female Doctor Anna Chancellor would be a great choice.

And finally here’s an extract from the truly surreal Radio 4 comedy the News at Bedtime which proves apart from anything else that Capaldi can cope with the inevitable weirdness of Dr Who:


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