If you think the Lib Dems are in a mess check out the India’s Congress Party


Hang on – I’ve almost made a decision!

Nobody expects May 2015 is going to be much fun if you’re a Liberal Democrat. However, you’d have to be very pessimistic to imagine that we’ll take a beating quite as brutal as the Indian National Congress just faced. In India’s 2009 General Election it won over the 200 seats making it easily the largest party. This year it not only saw its rival, the BJP storm to its first ever majority but it dropped to 44 seats. The net result is that 80% of its MPs lost their seats!

To compound its problems it is now facing a leadership crisis far more farcical than Nick Clegg’s travails. I’ve already blogged here about Congress’ destructive dependency on the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. Its latest scion Rahul Gandhi is a particularly uninspiring rich boy whose clearly out of his depth and prone to making gaffes like: “10 out of 7 youths in Punjab are addicted to drugs.”

And to top it all of can’t seem to quite decide if he can actually be bothered to try and lead Congress. DNA has reported:

There is growing resentment within the Congress over Rahul Gandhi’s refusal to become leader of opposition. A day after former Kerala minister TH Mustafa was suspended from the Congress for calling Rahul a joker, several general secretaries and office bearers have conveyed to the party vice-president to either lead the newly elected MPs in the Lok Sabha or quit politics.

Unless you’re Narendra Modi that second option has to look pretty appealing.

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