Do not spoiler Game of Thrones (or else)

So Game of Thrones is back on HBO tomorrow and Sky Atlantic on Monday. I am to say the least excited about season 4. However, I won’t be watching it this Sunday. Or for quite a while in fact. I don’t have a Sky subscription – It’s rather a lot for a student budget – nor for that matter as a Brit can I get HBO. So I won’t be watching it till it comes out on DVD.

I won’t be alone. This is a tough show to get hold of right away.

So while you should generally be careful to avoid spoiling plot twists for any show, I would implore you to be extra careful about Game of Thrones.

And if you don’t? Well you know what happens to Theon Greyjoy? Well….



P.S. This applies even more so if the reason you’ve seen it before other Skyless viewers is that you’ve illegally downloaded it. Spoiling the thing you’ve stolen for the people paying for it to be made is not cool.


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