Muppets: Most Wanted (review)

It may be a mess but it’s a gloriously entertaining one

The new Muppet film begins with a song about sequels that includes the line: “everybody knows the sequel is never quite as good.” Following on as this film does from the excellent previous outing of the Muppets penned by Jason Siegel, this feels like a warning from its makers to audiences that they may be disappointed.

And there are indeed warning signs. It lacks its predecessors discipline: at almost two hours long it’s baggy, the music interludes are disposable and it doesn’t have anything like .

However, this is beside the point. It’s still entertaining, energetic and genre(s) savvy. The benefit of this installment being less carefully crafted than its predecessor, is that it’s funnier. It overflows with an anarchic humour. It may be scattergun but it hits plenty of targets.

There were only a handful of people in the screening I went to: me, my mum and two other mothers each with a daughter who must have been seven or eight or so. Both these young girls were at one point or another dancing along to the songs and my most abiding memory of this film will probably be one of them squealing with delight at Miss Piggy’s triumphant handbagging of the villain.

Verdict: 7/10 – it’s flawed but really who cares!

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