16 things you didn’t know about breast cancer

My friend Ben Krishna joins the blogosphere with an admirably fact filled post on breast cancer



On social media sites, women have been posting ‘no make up selfies’ to promote breast cancer awareness. A lot of people have been complaining about our image-obsessed society, the fact that not wearing make up is seen as a challenge for some, and that we hate selfies. Other people have already discussed this, such as the matteroffacts blog which looked at the social effect of make up, or noodlemaz who discusses the issue of ‘raising awareness‘ and exactly what this campaign is aiming to do.

Then someone on my facebook timeline said: “wouldn’t we raise awareness better if we included some facts and a powerpoint?”

Well, I hate powerpoint, but here are some facts about breast cancer, which will hopefully raise awareness and persuade people to donate to a cancer charity. Since I am using bullet points, I will give this blog post the buzzfeed-inspired title: 16…

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