No, Lib Dems really do care about equal marriage

Former Chief Executive of Stonewall, Ben Summerskill has – on the basis of a made up quote from Evan Harris – that Liberal Democrat support for marriage equality was simply about the putting distance between themselves and the Tories.

This has unsurprisingly drawn a robust response from Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone. However, the best response so far has come from of all people a Green Party member:

Gay rights activist Peter Tatchell agreed, and added that Stonewall owed both the LGBT community and the Lib Dems an apology.

“An apology would be appreciated. Stonewall does great work but the gay campaign for marriage equality faced an uphill struggle, which was made worse by Stonewall constantly undermining our efforts. Some of the arguments Ben and Stonewall put forward at the time [2010] were quoted by homophobes to justify their opposition to same-sex marriage and this was hugely damaging.

“I am not a supporter of the Liberal Democrats, but on the issue of same-sex marriage the party took an early position, while Stonewall did all it could to sabotage that position. It is unbelievable really.”

It does appear that Summerskill (a former Labour councillor) has a problem with Liberal Democrats that clouds his judgement: he seemed to suggest that David Laws was undeserving of sympathy after his resignation because he’d been in the closet!

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