Has Marvel jumped the shark?

Just seen the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy. Despite the presence of Parks and Recreation star Chris Pratt, I can’t say I’m that impressed. I mean a film in which the lead characters include a racoon and a tree. That just looks dumb!

At least it won’t be crossing over with the Avengers.

5 thoughts on “Has Marvel jumped the shark?

  1. Challenge to defend GotG accepted. (challenge set on Facebook)
    Defence initiated:

    1) Guardians of the Galaxy is not a superhero film. It aims to neither evoke nor avoid most of the connected tropes. Hence the tree and raccoon are a moot point.
    (Note this is defending against something you didn’t actually say…)

    2) More than this it is a film seeking to combine a little bit of superheroism with adventure, space and comedy. In this context the raccoon and tree are a very good fit! As they contribute potentially excessively to humour and science fiction elements.

    3) In a wider sense, beyond the characters will the film be any good….
    If it is an engaging space, adventure comedy then yes. If it isn’t…. then probably not. And so far unfortunately the trailer is unclear- space gets a big tick, adventure gets a strong hopeful and comedy…. well I’d like the film to be funnier than it’s trailer…

    4) Any hope?
    Yes- because the characters are obscure. I have read maybe 800 Marvel comics and read maybe 5 with Drax in, 3 with Starlord in and …. 0 with Rocket Racoon! This makes this film a conscious choice to do something different and interesting in a little known corner of the Marvel universe. This is potentially a major point; this film is only being made because the people who have had great success with Iron Man, Avengers etc. believe this script and these concepts will actually work really well and be an enjoyable film. If they are right then success, else if they are off the money then could be really quite bad….

    Conclusion: Trailer didn’t inspire me, so unsure it will motivate anyone else and therefore does not hint at a great film, but there is a hope it will be a good film in the end!

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