Radio 4 pays homage to Buffy

Over the holiday season, the BBC has been being good to geeks. Alongside the lavish feasts of a Dr Who Christmas special and Sherlock at last returning, they also gave us last night’s Front Row as a little treat.

For me there were two highlights:

  • Head recounting how Giles, Spike and the other British characters were able to swear realistically because the network executives and the FCC had no idea what “bollocks” and “pillock” meant!
  • Whedon laying into Twilight and its imitators. He implied that they represented a backlash against Buffy that sought to inoculate people against its message by offering them “romance, the supernatural and the lure of the vampire” without the feminism. They replace “self-actualised female heroines” with “very passive girls choosing between the cute boys” who instead of “getting it done…stares at stuff.”

N.B Alderman talks about the program here.

One thought on “Radio 4 pays homage to Buffy

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