5 reasons we’ll miss Borgen


This evening BBC4 screened the last ever episode of the political drama Borgen. Here’s some reasons that’s such a loss.

1. It was smart and warm

Even in translation the intelligence of the story and its characters comes through.

2. It was a realistic view of politics

In House of Cards there’s no idealism. In the West Wing, it tends to win out because that’s the right thing to do. By contrast, Borgen showed us that there is idealism but was realistic about the barriers it faced.

3. It made centrist politics cool

The part of the political spectrum where the most constructive things are done is the most difficult to dramatise. Yet Borgen managed it.

4. It put a women aged more than 40 in the central role

Yay for a great role for this neglected group!

5. We’ve run out of decent Danish drama

Danish TV has been a remarkably invigorating find for British viewers. Alas that now seems to be at an end. Forbrydelsen ended a year ago and all we’re left with is the underwhelming and derivative Bridge.


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