Reasons to visit the Balkans (3) – it has a music festival in a castle


Every year 180,000 music fans gather for the Exit Festival. What makes this unusual, is it’s held in a fort built in the 17th century to by the Hapsburg Empire as part of its defences against the Ottomans.


This is indicative of Serbia’s surprisingly vibrant youth culture:

Today, Belgrade may be many years behind other European capitals when it comes to economic, industrial, and scientific development, but it’s literally light years ahead when it comes to nightlife. The Belgrade clubbing industry is better organized and has more to offer than any other out there. Every night of the week, there are countless different clubs with different styles and with different kinds of music where you can go. It may be hard to believe, but all the clubs which have the capacity of 300 to 500 people are basically full every night of the week.

And it’s not the most surprising place in the Balkans to be developing a reputation for its nightlife:

Tell us, do you associate Kosovo with partying? Well, you should. Kosovo’s capital Pristina is an awesome place to go out. Balkan people know how to party and they can drink A LOT. Drinks are cheap: a beer never costs you more than one-fifty euros. Or try a homemade Rakia that will burn your intestines, if you dare. In Pristina there is a big community of young internationals; working in NGO’s or interning at embassies. You will meet them for sure, since they mingle with locals easily and they are always up for something on the weekends. Just like locals, they will be happy to show you around (the relatively small) town of Pristina. Check out our Pristina party tips below.

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