Coming up on Matter of Facts – Ancient Egypt week


My interest in history started with Ancient Egyptians. I didn’t really get along too well with school for my first couple of years. Then I started a year where our main topics were ancient history: the Romans, the Greeks and first of all the Egyptians.  History was a revelation: a subject at school I was actually interested in. It was what I wound up studying at university and remains something of an obsession for me. Though I’m now more interested in modern history, I do still find something mysterious and exotic about ancient civilisations. So inspired by visit to the British Museum this weekend, this week on matters of facts is devoted to the Ancient Egyptians.

So look out for posts about:

  • Quite how astonishingly ancient Ancient Egyptian civilisation really is
  • Who really made the pyramids
  • The ancient roots of antibiotics
  • Where you can still hear the Ancient Egyptian being spoken today
  • The Romans who made mummies

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