Can you suggest rappers I might like?

Dear Readers,

I ought to be a natural rap fan. To anyone who knows me and about my not exactly hip hop lifestyle, this might seem like a surprising claim. However, the music I do like tends to emphasise the lyrics and the beat. And there is some rap I do indeed like; I listen to a lot of Macklemore.

My problem is that I find most rap (or at least the rap I have come across up to now) nasty. The complaints about misogyny, materialism and violence are familiar, and I share them. However, what I find loathsome above anything else is the regularity with which raps become an exercise in self aggrandisement by the artist. I don’t want to hear a grown man boasting about his record sales, money or conquests, it offends my British reverence for modesty.

So do you have any suggestions for rappers whose music won’t convince me they are a repellent moron.


2 thoughts on “Can you suggest rappers I might like?

  1. Try dan le sac vs scroobius pip: “The beat that my heart skipped” and “Thou shalt always kill” are favourites of mine, although I have never really thought about the lyrics.

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