Post I wish I had written: Sarah Teather’s resignation

As you probably now know Sarah Teather MP has announced that she will not be seeking re-election. She announced this via an article in the Observer. However, as Jonathan Calder observes the paper misses a salient point: there is a reason that Teather faces difficulty’s above and beyond those of other parliamentarians uncomfortable with the direction of the government:

There are plenty of people in the party who agree with Sarah on immigration and social security. The reason she feels isolated is that she failed to support equal marriage, with the result that many who are her natural allies no longer trust her.


3 thoughts on “Post I wish I had written: Sarah Teather’s resignation

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  2. If true (and it probably is) then the “isolation” of Sarah for her failure “to support equal marriage” is another example of the marginalisation of Faith in the Lib Dems. There is such a thing as Conscience and there ought to be no place in a Liberal Democrat Party for anyone who makes someone feel isolated by having a view, based on their Faith (however misguided one may feel that is) that leads them to be unable to “support” something like Equal Marriage.
    I agree with one of Sarah’s colleagues in Parliament that it is time the Humanist / Secularist majority treated those of us who happen to retain a belief in some kind of God with a bit more toleration and respect. The trouble with religion – and with non-religion – is some of the people in it, not the God!

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